Cash Flow Solutions
specially tailored strategies that work
Cash flow solutions
specially tailored strategies That work

Cash Flow Solutions

We specialise in providing a bespoke service, with specially tailored strategies that yield the best results for our clients. 

Cash flow is key to any business whether they are just starting out, well established, growing or struggling, as business owners you don’t have to face managing cash flow on your own. We will support you in considering your options and empower you to make the right choices.

Our strategy is to discuss and suggest an array of options and solutions that best suit your immediate needs or longer-term growth plans, whatever the size of your business.  Cash flow solutions can be the driving force behind financial stability and provide sustained success as your business evolves.

Gaining control of your cash flow can often feel impossible, but at BABR we help business owners and entrepreneurs manage their cash flow more effectively.

What are my options?

Cash flow solutions typically refer to services or strategies that help businesses manage their cash flow effectively and address any short-term cash flow challenges. There are several options to consider, including:

Debt Restructuring or Refinancing

Refinancing existing debt or negotiating with lenders to restructure payment terms can provide temporary relief and improve cash flow. 

Asset Finance

For business assets, such as plant vehicles or equipment, can be used as collateral to secure a loan. It provides businesses with immediate cash flow based on the value of their assets.

Invoice Finance

A company sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a third-party financial institution at a discounted rate. This provides immediate cash flow rather than waiting for customers to pay.

Credit Insurance

Insure your debtors to protect cash flow from bad debts and defaults.

Trade Finance

Trade finance solutions, such as letters of credit or supply chain financing, can assist businesses with managing international trade transactions and ensuring smoother cash flow between buyers and sellers.

Working Capital Loans

These loans are designed to provide businesses with short-term financing to cover operational expenses and manage cash flow fluctuations.

Merchant Cash Advance

Typically utilised by retail or service-based businesses, a merchant cash advance provides an upfront cash injection in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales.

Revolving Credit

A revolving line of credit that businesses can access as needed. It provides flexibility in managing cash flow fluctuations and helps cover short-term expenses.

Commercial Finance

A full range of funding solutions with expert guidance, available from selected, far-reaching market-leading providers. From commercial mortgages to development and bridging finance.

There are also Commercial Finance
solutions to consider, including:

• Commercial Mortgages

• Commercial and Residential Investment

• Development Finance

• Bridging Finance

• MBO/Shareholder Buy Out

Benefits of working with BABR

We understand that finding the right financial solution that meets your goals and solves your issues can often seem impossible but by talking to the right person those solutions can quickly become more obvious.

Starting by understanding your needs for example, the need to restructure and gain more flexibility with your cash flow, our experienced team (with more than 35 years of experience in the banking sector), have come across most scenarios and have the answer.


Cash flow solutions refer to strategies, techniques, and financial tools designed to optimise the movement of money in and out of a business. These solutions help companies maintain a healthy cash flow by managing receivables, payables, and other financial aspects.

Cash flow is crucial for businesses as it ensures that there’s enough liquid capital available to cover operational expenses, investments, and growth initiatives. Proper cash flow management prevents financial strain, enables timely bill payments, and supports business expansion without relying on high-interest loans.

Common cash flow challenges include late customer payments, seasonal fluctuations, unexpected expenses, and mismatches between inflows and outflows. These challenges can hinder a company’s ability to meet financial obligations and seize growth opportunities.

Cash flow solutions offer several benefits, including:

Improved Liquidity: By streamlining receivables and payables, you ensure a consistent flow of funds, allowing you to cover expenses and invest in opportunities.

Reduced Risk: Effective cash flow management minimizes the risk of bankruptcy, late payments, and financial crises.

Enhanced Planning: With a clear picture of your cash flow, you can make informed decisions about budgeting, investments, and strategic initiatives.

Access to Capital: Demonstrating strong cash flow can make it easier to secure financing or attract investors.

A standard cycle is anywhere between 15-45 days, with the optimum timing, frequency and volume of communications used.

If we’re unable to secure a result within this time we’ll recommend the most appropriate next steps e.g. tracing, field agents, legal action, close etc.

As an end-to-end service provider, we’re able to manage the process from early stage arrears through to litigation. If tracing, field agent or legal services are required, our expert panel of trusted suppliers deliver this via us, meaning cases are always progressing and you have the same point of contact throughout.

We work with businesses of all sizes across all industries who have challenges with slow/non-payers. Our Clients include Accountants, Fintech, and Property companies and more.