How BABR Works With Accountants

At BABR we work with accountants, to assist them in ensuring their clients receive the best possible service and have the best chance of success.

Whatever stage your clients are in, whether growing, seeking to exit, or in financial difficulty, BABR has a range of specialist services which can assist them in making key strategic decisions.

We develop positive relationships with accountants and work alongside their clients’ to ensure they receive specialist advice where they require, with ongoing support to ensure stability.

Our services act as a bolt-on solutions for accountancy practices to ensure their clients always receive the highest possible level of service.

The way we work alongside accountants varies depending on the type of services your client requires. For examples of this, please see below.

How we work with accountants: Insolvent Liquidations

Clients facing financial difficulty require specialist advice.

At BABR our experienced team of insolvency practitioners provide advice to clients tailored to their own specific circumstances.

Because of the breadth of services we provide, we utilise our areas of specialism to determine whether a company can, in the first instance, be rescued and continue trading successfully. Taking early advice is often crucial to being able to do this.

However, in certain circumstances, recovery isn’t an option and a formal insolvency procedure is necessary. BABR assist with a range of insolvency procedures, depending on clients circumstances. For more information on the different insolvency procedures available, click here

Our insolvency practitioners will provide advice and guidance to ensure your clients are aware of their options and to enable them to make the best decision. We do not pressurise clients into making those decisions and will encourage them to check the facts and discuss with their advisors first.

If we conclude that insolvency is the best course of action we will advise the client accordingly and discuss this with you, as the clients accountant, to agree what information is required and what if any further work may need to be done

How we work with accountants: Solvent Liquidations

For entrepreneurs and business owner clients who have managed successful companies and are seeking to exit, often choose to close their company via a solvent liquidation.

In a solvent liquidation (Members’ Voluntary Liquidation or “MVL”), the directors and shareholders will appoint an insolvency practitioner to deal with the winding up of the company’s affairs. This route can be chosen to ensure the work is completed by a qualified professional, or to take advantage of Business Asset Disposal Relief. 

For more information on MVLs, click here

Accountants will refer their clients to us to take advice on MVLs. Our experienced team will ascertain the company position and give them advice on whether an MVL is appropriate.

If the client decides to proceed, we arrange all of the paperwork required to place the company into liquidation, deal with distributions of assets and arrange for the company to be dissolved.

All we need is an up to date balance sheet, to prepare the initial paperwork and that the tax affairs up to date at the date of the liquidation.  We work together with you (the accountant) to agree a timetable and ensure everything is prepared.

BABR provides a cost-effective service and in straightforward cases will agree a fixed fee at the outset to undertake the work required.

How we work with accountants: Debt Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of financial management, accountants play a pivotal role in ensuring the fiscal health of their clients. Navigating the complexities of debt recovery and credit control can be a daunting task, demanding expertise beyond traditional accounting responsibilities. Recognising this challenge, BABR Debt Solutions offers tailored resolutions to accountants in the UK, seamlessly integrating debt recovery and outsourced credit control services.

Collaborating with BABR presents accountants with a strategic advantage, as our specialised approach not only streamlines financial processes but also enhances overall fiscal resilience. This partnership proves invaluable in empowering accountants to proactively manage their clients’ financial well-being, establishing BABR as a trusted ally in the pursuit of financial excellence.

Debt Recovery: For clients experiencing disruptions in their cash flow due to unpaid debts, allow us to take the initiative and restore liquidity to their businesses. To read more and learn from our FAQ’s click here

Credit Control: For clients looking for a solution to manage their receivables, ensuring timely payments, reducing risks, and optimising their cash flow.  To read more and learn from our FAQ’s click here

How we work with accountants: Commercial Finance

Access to the right finance at the right time is really important for your clients and we regularly deal with clients who have been unable to have a meaningful conversation with their own bank. Lack of resource and appetite within the banking sector leave clients struggling to get the finance they need quickly.

At BABR Finance we fulfil the function of a Bank Relationship Manager without being tied to a bank. We can take the time to understand the clients needs and recommend solutions from a variety of lenders to put the right solution in place in a timely fashion.  

We can assist with all banking and finance requirements for your clients.

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