Commercial Finance
Regain power to aid sustained growth
Commercial Finance
Regain power to aid sustained growth

What is commercial finance?

Commercial finance can be that critical catalyst to improve cashflow or restructure debt. We offer expert guidance and best practice solutions to help you act quickly to resolve complex financial challenges – helping businesses regain the power to pursue sustained growth.

Commercial finance can be complex and not always fully understood by business owners, despite many of them requiring finance at some stage in their journey.

That’s why we work one-to-one with you to source the most appropriate funding solution for your business from the wide range available in the market.

The banking and finance industry has a crucial role to play in supplying services to firms and providing access to finance so they can achieve their ambitions and grow to their full potential.

Commercial finance options

We provide a range of tailored commercial finance options whatever your short or long term funding requirement. Our finance experts have exceptional banking and lending experience. They’ll review your current funding situation, guide you through the options to best achieve your goals.


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Benefits of working with BABR

We understand that finding the right financial solution that meets your goals and solves your issues can often seem impossible but by talking to the right person those solutions can quickly become more obvious.

Starting by understanding your needs for example, the need to restructure and gain more flexibility with your cash flow, our experienced team (with more than 35 years of experience in the banking sector), have come across most scenarios and have the answer.

Case Study

How BABR empowered a leading digital learning company’s growth.