Informal strategies and refinancing

Take charge of your financial future by exploring informal options to renegotiate your existing debt with better terms.

Though it may seem challenging, if you have a limited number of creditors, you or a trusted representative can work towards rescheduling debt repayments with each creditor. Additionally, you can consider leveraging your income and assets as security for a refinancing option.
As licensed insolvency practitioners, we possess the expertise to guide you through this process and alleviate your cash-flow concerns. With our professional intervention, we will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the most favorable outcome. The beauty of informal negotiation lies in its cost-effectiveness.  It allows you, as a director, to retain control over your financial affairs, without the need for involving the courts.

Process: How informal strategies and refinancing works, step by step

If you’re really not sure if an informal strategy and refinancing is an option for you, we’ll help you decide, step by step.

Step 1

Set up a free, no obligation consultation, meet or chat remotely with a qualified insolvency practitioner. We’ll have a frank conversation about whether informal strategies and refinancing is the right option for you.

Step 2

We’ll advise on your potential obligations and ensure you have the ability to fulfil any informal arrangements.

Step 3 

As your insolvency practitioner we’ll negotiate directly with your creditors to give you more flexibility to manage your debt sensibly in the long term.

Step 4

We’ll agree appropriate terms, potentially at a more cost-effective repayment rate.

Step 5 

You will have achieved a cash flow solution that will allow business to grow, not restrict it.


Informal strategies and refinancing – Bailey Ahmad (

There are a number of advantages to this approach including:

  • It is inexpensive as negotiations are often dealt with by the individual
  • There is no court involvement
  • Directors remain in control
  • No informal insolvency process is entered into
  • The disabilities, obligations and stigma of bankruptcy are avoided