Debt Recovery
Regain control of your finances

What is debt recovery?

At BABR we excel in assisting you to retrieve unpaid debts owed to your business. Our dedicated approach and adherence to industry best practices guarantee effective debt recovery while upholding your business’s integrity and preserving client relations.

For clients experiencing disruptions in their cash flow due to unpaid debts, allow us to take the initiative and restore liquidity to your business.

Debt recovery options

We provide a range of debt recovery options to assist your business in reclaiming outstanding debts efficiently and professionally.

Professional Debt Recovery Solutions

Efficient Retrieval of Outstanding Debts

Tailored Strategies for Debt Collection

Improved Cash Flow Management

Legal Support for Debt Recovery

Timely Follow-Up on Delinquent Accounts

Customized Debt Recovery Plans

Bespoke Monthly Progress Reports

Benefits of working with BABR

We understand that outstanding debts can cause problems for your business, and personal worries at home too. At BABR our specialist team have a proven track record of assisting our clients recover debts in a timely manner, easing cashflow burdens, and allowing you to get back to what you do best. 

Our expertise and commitment to ethical practices ensure we provide the support you need to regain control of your finances and maintain positive customer relations. 

Debt Recovery FAQs

Our debt recovery process is based on a combination of our team’s extensive industry experience, coupled with the feedback from the ever-changing business environment and specific industries we work with. We use the full range of communications methods available to contact and engage, maximising the probability of a successful recovery.

A standard cycle is anywhere between 1-60 days, with the optimum timing, frequency and volume of communications used.

If we’re unable to secure a result within this time we’ll recommend the most appropriate next steps e.g., tracing, field agents, legal action, close etc.

As an end-to-end service provider, we’re able to manage the process from early-stage arrears through to litigation. If tracing, field agent or legal services are required, our expert panel of trusted suppliers deliver this via us, meaning cases are always progressing and you have the same point of contact throughout.

We work with businesses of all sizes across all industries who have challenges with slow/non-payers. Our clients include accountants, fintech’s, property companies and more, with debts ranging from hundreds of pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We tailor our approach to suit the specific situation. 

To initiate debt recovery, we will require details about the debtor, the debt owed, and any relevant documentation requiredIf we require anything further, we will liaise with you. 

We’re not fans of lengthy processes, so aim to keep things simple and clear – our referral process is no exception.

  1. Read, agree and sign a service contract (it’s not onerous but we need to ensure both us and our Clients are covered)
  2. Provide the invoice(s) and contact details for the debt along with any other information you think would be useful
  3. Sit back and let us do what we do best!

Our fees are typically contingency based, meaning we will only charge a percentage of the recovered debt

Our commission rates are on a no collection-no commission basis, which means we only charge when funds are successfully recovered.

Starts from 15% and is dependent on factors such as the age, size and nature of the debt. Where there is recurring debt or several cases, we can review these and provide flexible pricing that is transparent and fair.

If additional services are required (tracing, legal etc.) we typically deliver fixed price quotes which are agreed with you in advance, removing any unexpected bills further into the process. Our longstanding relationship with our suppliers means we’re offered very competitive rates, which our clients can benefit from.

Here at BABR we offer a proven track record of success, experienced professionals, and a commitment to treating customers fairly. 

The time it takes to recover debt varies depending on the individual circumstances of each case and the debtor’s cooperation.  We always aim for the most efficient resolution. 

After carrying out a full review of the specific circumstances we will work with the debtor to explore potential solutions to maximise the recovery for you the client. 

We will provide clear reporting of your file(s) and can provide an audit trail of all correspondence and an expected outcomeWe aim to keep you as informed as you require as part of the tailored solution we offer.  

Debtors have rights, including the right to dispute the debt and request verification, we respect these rights and will abide by the relevant laws. 

Each case will have its own unique sets of circumstances, we will always work within a framework of the relevant insolvency laws to determine the best course of action and maximise any recovery. 

Absolutely, our experts are here to provide guidance on proactive debt management strategies, not just recovery.