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Case Study



The company

A B2B lender providing a platform for accelerated e-commerce growth.  Working with marketplace sellers, DTC brands as well as B2B business.

The challenge

Having decided to move away from their current Debt recovery company the client was looking to secure a new debt recovery partner. The key things they were looking for to address their partner requirements were;

  • Clear, open, prompt & consistent communication
  • A system that could be accessed by themselves to view collections, notes and be able to message an account handler directly if needed.
  • Regular feedback with someone in a senior position
  • Active reporting
  • Reduced legal fees.

The Approach

BABR Debt Solutions presented a comprehensive proposal to address their challenges and demonstrate our capabilities as a suitable partner option for them. Leaning heavily on our Head of Debt Recoveries’ experience, the proposal included;

  • Comprehensive debt recovery support:A cradle-to-grave approach to all cases passed to us.
  • Enhanced communication: Reiterating our core values of open, clear & transparent communication.  Having a dedicated point of contact and access to a manager who has worked in their environment.
  • Customised workflows: Every debt is different; we can create a workflow to fit any debt!
  • Access to our recovery software system: Providing real time updates on their debtors through our online system.
  • Minimised legal fees: We work with a trusted partner to ensure that fees are kept to a minimum and recovered from the customer where possible.
  • Bespoke reporting: Using our software system data to provide reports on the criteria that matter to them.
  • Preventative measures:Providing credit and court data on active businesses to improve the health of the portfolio while also adding value to decision-making and early warnings, all with the aim of preventing bad debt.

The Outcome

Through our proactiveness, willingness to work with the client, and negotiations, we were able to gain the trust of the director, who began to refer work to BABR Debt Solutions. To date, over £2m of aged debt has been referred to us and is actively being worked on.

Client Fedback

Overall, the feedback has been very good; the client is happy, and the relationship continues to grow.  We have been praised for the efficiency and effectiveness of our response times and services, which has exceeded expectations. Furthermore, the introduction of our software system has been of significant value, providing the client with resources and reporting capabilities they previously lacked. The overarching feeling is that working with us has helped them to streamline their operations and we’ve contributed positively to their workflow. Our straightforward commercial advice has been invaluable when navigating complex decisions and optimising their commercial strategies.

Need some advice?​

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