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Like many businesses, we faced a turning point during the pandemic. Seeing an opportunity, we made the decision to transition our team to a fully flexible, remote work model.

Embracing Change: Remote Work and New Horizons.

I wanted to share an exciting update in my professional life whereby, I’ve embraced the fully remote business model we have at BABR and moved to Cheshire!  

As many of you know, I co-founded BABR with my business partner, Paul Bailey, in 2007. Over the years, we’ve built a strong business, supporting entrepreneurs facing cash flow and insolvency challenges. Our dedication to high-quality solutions and the support of great talent and networks have been instrumental in our success.  

Like many businesses, we faced a turning point during the pandemic. Seeing an opportunity, we made the decision to transition our team to a fully flexible, remote work model. We’ve been operating as a paperless business with a robust VoIP phone system, making the technology transition easier. But what truly amazed me was the complexity of supporting and managing a distributed team while ensuring everyone felt connected and valued.  

Yet, through perseverance and dedication, we have seen incredible results. Here are some of the benefits we have experienced:   

Expanded Talent Pool: Geography is no longer a limiting factor for our team. We have tapped into a diverse range of talents from various locations.  

Flexibility Redefined: We have shifted our focus from bringing our team to work to bringing work to our team. This new approach has enhanced work-life balance and accommodated personal needs.   

Embracing Diversity: Our team has become more diverse, enriched by the unique perspectives and experiences of individuals from different backgrounds and locations.   

Sustainable Growth: Despite the challenges, our business has grown substantially, enabling us to serve more clients and make a greater impact.   

Personal Touch: Welcoming new team members and their adorable pets has brought an extra dose of joy and connection to our work.   

Adaptive Work Environment: Our newfound flexibility allows us to adapt to the changing needs of our team, ensuring a healthy work-life integration.   

Connectedness in Disconnection: Despite the physical distance, we have fostered a strong sense of connection through regular communication, collaboration, and team-building initiatives.  

Elevated Quality: By embracing remote work, we have witnessed a remarkable improvement in the quality of our work and services.   

On a personal note, this transition has allowed me to make a move to Cheshire triggered by challenges faced by my eldest son after joining our local secondary school. Our options locally were limited for alternative schools, but by expanding the search to Cheshire, close to where my wife grew up and longed to return, we were able to secure state school places for all four of my young children in wonderful schools. Thanks to remote work, I have been able to make the change for my family, whilst not affecting my day-to-day leadership, team, and client support roles at BABR.    

As we continue to navigate these changing times, I encourage you to embrace opportunities for growth and change. Remote work has shown us that innovative solutions can arise from unexpected challenges. It has empowered us to connect with talent beyond geographical boundaries and enabled a flexible work environment that enhances both productivity and well-being.   

Let’s embrace the power of remote work, collaboration, and adaptability. Together, we can overcome any obstacles and achieve remarkable success. 

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