Business owners and directors can get quick access to the best business property loans and commercial finance deals through BABR’s extensive network.

Faster, Better Commercial Finance Funding. 

In the current market, many businesses are reviewing their property portfolios with a view to optimising cashflow, consolidating assets or restructuring debt.

The pressure on business owners, directors and CEOs to make the right decisions in an uncertain economic climate is considerable, especially if your business has commercial loans expiring soon. Identifying the best investment strategy is only part of the battle; being able to access the right people to act quickly can be equally challenging.  

If you call your bank to discuss commercial property finance, you can expect to wait at least two weeks for a meeting, and that’s after going through the usual frustration of being put on hold by a call centre. Then, you will need to set aside several hours to research the wider market. Your current lender or mortgage broker is busy with new deals, so may be difficult to get hold of and may not necessarily have the right contacts to ensure you get the best deal available.

This is where the expert commercial finance team at BABR can help.

BABR will act quickly 

We know that speed to market is essential in today’s interest rate environment. 

Our Head of Commercial Finance Steve Broom has built up an extensive network over his 35-year banking career (including more than 20 years at Barclays), so has direct access to the people you need to realise your business goals. After your initial, free consultation, he will immediately contact the best four to five lenders that suit your business requirements before reverting to you with options and recommendations.  

Years of dealing with businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors means Steve is ideally placed to understand the challenges directors and entrepreneurs face when navigating the market to find the best business property loan. 

Business owners benefit from objective advice from an experienced consultant who will work to find the right commercial finance solutions for your business – taking into account not only your commercial property portfolio, but also your overall business outlook, challenges, and cashflow.

Bridging Finance  

Often, business owners who contact BABR to discuss a commercial property loan discover there are some potentially lucrative options they may not have fully explored, for example, commercial bridging finance or residential bridging loans. 

Bridging loans designed for short-term financing of up to 12 months have become increasingly popular in the UK – £278.8 million in bridging loans was transacted by contributors during Q1 2023, a record high* – and can be a flexible, convenient alternative to more traditional finance options. However, there are more than 100 lenders in this fast-growing sector, so determining the best deal can be a time-consuming exercise if you are going directly to the market yourself.  

The BABR team are experts in facilitating fast, hassle-free: 

  • Commercial mortgages for occupied trading premises 
  • Commercial and residential investment portfolios 
  • Buy to Let mortgages 
  • Asset Purchase Finance 
  • Business Growth Loans 
  • Business Cash Advances 

and any other business and banking funding requirements, including complex and high net worth deals. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  

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