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Mental Health Awareness Week May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week.

At BABR we prioritise well-being and understand the importance of promoting positive mental health in the workplace and beyond. As we move into Mental Health Week, we’d like to highlight some of the things we do (big and small) to support our amazing team, from ensuring their financial strains are considered to just having fun together.

Private Healthcare with EPA: We offer comprehensive health insurance, including an Employee Assistance Programme (EPA) and a remote GP service, so any health concerns can be dealt with quickly.

Flexible Working & Work-Life Balance: It is important for our employees to feel in control and achieve a genuine balance between work and life. With our flexible working policy, we empower our employees to create a schedule that suits their needs and actively encourage a positive work-life-balance.

Mental Health Check-ins: How we feel can fluctuate, we regularly check in with our teams to see how they’re doing. Our engagement app provides a platform for anonymous feedback, ensuring everyone has a safe space to raise any concerns. Our empathetic Head of People is dedicated to addressing matters with understanding and compassion. May is also ‘National Walking Month’, so we have had a walking challenge and have been encouraging staff to get out in nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Behavioural Workshops: Good mental health is a priority, and we facilitate monthly workshops focused on stress management, building resilience, time management, and more. These sessions equip our team members with valuable skills and strategies to promote well-being with positive and practical mental health strategies.

Feedback, Reviews & Career Planning: We value growth and development in our team. Through our annual calendar of reviews, we provide quality feedback tailored to your needs. We believe in supporting professional development and helping you focus on what matters most to you so our staff can excel in their careers.

Celebrating Successes and Having Fun: We love to celebrate the accomplishments of our incredible team! We recently held an Employee Appreciation Day and more recently held People Awards to recognise outstanding achievements.

As a remote team, we also try to take every opportunity to meet and have regular team events to stay connected from wine tasting to Oktoberfest; a round of golf or a day at the races, we’ve got something for everybody. We believe that spending time together actively promotes good mental health.

Cost of Living Allowance: We understand the challenges posed by the current cost of living crisis. To support our team, we have increased all salaries with an additional monthly amount. Our goal is to alleviate financial worries and create a supportive environment for our employees.

🌈 This Mental Health Week, we want to continue our efforts to foster a positive working environment and hope to inspire others to do the same. Together, let’s continue to prioritise mental health, create a supportive workplace culture, and celebrate the incredible individuals who make BABR such an extraordinary place to be.

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