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What is a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation?

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is a procedure that is used when a company has fulfilled its purpose, has sufficient assets to meet all of its liabilities, trading has stopped and the company’s shareholders wish to realise their investment in a tax efficient way.

The key tax benefit of an MVL arises from the fact that a distribution of assets to shareholders via MVL are treated as capital rather than income distributions. Tax paid by shareholders on capital distributions will be based upon capital gains tax rather than income tax rates, which subject to the circumstances, can give rise to a substantial tax saving.

The Process

The following diagram provides an overview of the key steps involved in placing a company into MVL and the subsequent duties of the liquidator.

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Timing of distribution to shareholders

Assuming no creditor claims or HMRC objections are received, shareholder s will receive a first distribution of cash assets (less £10,000) within 6-7 weeks of commencement of liquidation.

Non-cash assets and the retained £10,000 are thereafter distributed to shareholders just prior to conclusion of the liquidation, typically within 5 to 7 months of commencement of the liquidation, provided no creditor claims are received in the interim.

Other professional advice

Advice in relation to cessation of trading, accounting, and tax (corporate and personal) should be provided by the company’s accountant. Fees associated with these activities and any other assistance provided should be agreed between the accountant and directors/shareholders independently.

Why use us?

Bailey Ahmad is an independent firm which specialises in providing corporate and personal rescue, recovery and insolvency solutions to those in financial ddifficulty.

We also assist shareholders of solvent companies with extracting surplus funds in a structured and tax efficient way via solvent MVLs.

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