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Print Firm

Action Taken

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Swift Mobilisation: 

Within 24 hours, a BABR representative secured all relevant documentation, including delivery notes, bank statements, open invoices, and a backup of the company’s accounting software.


Data Verification and Analysis: 

The accounting software backup allowed for verification of details and creation of a collection schedule with: Account numbers, Individual invoices , Customer contact information

Challenges Addressed

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Multiple Accounts and Invoices: 

The collection effort encompassed 58 accounts with numerous outstanding invoices.


Onboarding Efficiency:

 A streamlined onboarding process was crucial due to the limited time frame.


Limited Staff at Debtor Company: 

The liquidation process left few staff at the print firm, requiring independent data retrieval.


Customer Engagement: 

Establishing trust and securing cooperation from debtors was essential.


Proof of Delivery: 

Verification of delivered goods and services addressed potential disputes.


Debt Age: 

Collecting aged debt often requires additional effort.

The Approach

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On-Site Data Collection: 

The head of debt recovery visited the liquidated company to obtain crucial documents and liaise with the remaining staff.


Data Digitisation: 

All documents were scanned and converted to PDFs for easy access and sharing.


Collection Schedule Creation: 

Using the accounting software backup, a comprehensive collection schedule with detailed customer information was created.


Initial Contact: 

All debtors with outstanding balances were contacted via email within 24 hours, requesting payment within seven days and immediate communication if there were disputes or payment obstacles.


Dispute Resolution:

 Companies requesting proof of delivery or invoices were promptly addressed.

The Outcome

  • Recovery Rate: BABR successfully collected £163,000 out of the initial £173,689 in outstanding invoices, representing a recovery rate of approximately 94%.

  • Uncollectible Debts: The remaining £10,689 comprised:
    • Disputed invoices totaling £8,000 (ranging from contra fund requests to settlement agreements)
    • Companies that were themselves liquidated
    • Three small accounts where collection efforts are ongoing.
  • Unexpected Collections: Additionally, further payments were received from companies with credit accounts, without corresponding invoices
  • Total Collection: Through our efforts, BABR Debt Solutions Ltd was able to collect a total of £201,133 within four months. This significantly increases the insolvency practitioner’s ability to distribute funds to unsecured creditors.

Lessons Learned

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Speed is Crucial:

 Prompt action in securing information and documentation facilitates a smoother and faster debt recovery process.


Direct Access Matters:

Having a designated contact person within the liquidated company can significantly improve collection rates.


Dedicated Staff: 

Assigning a dedicated staff member to manage the file ensures a consistent and efficient collection process.

Retake control of your receivables and ensure timely payment for your business going forward.   

Tier 3: Scale

Quote on Request 

Daily proactive monitoring, immediate follow-ups, pre-legal debt recovery, and advanced analytics. Our Scale tier offers comprehensive support for efficient debt recovery.  

Who is it for:  

Our Scale tier is the pinnacle credit control offering, suitable for established businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to larger corporations, that prioritize financial stability, risk mitigation, and efficient debt recovery. You will have a significant and sometimes complex customer base and financial structures. You require daily proactive monitoring, immediate follow-ups, and highly tailored credit management solutions to navigate intricate credit challenges. This tier is the right choice for you if you need comprehensive support, including pre-legal debt recovery, dedicated collections teams, and advanced analytics to optimize your credit control strategies. This service offers you professional expertise to reduce your credit risk and maximise your cash flow. 

  • Significant and sometimes complex customer base and financial structures

  • 51-250 active accounts per month

  • Regular Invoice Reminders

  • Custom Reporting Against KPIs

  • 1 Hour Telephone and Email Response Times

  • Credit Limit Review Included

  • Weekly Account Management & Review

  • Debt Recovery and Legal Support Included

  • Pre-Legal Collection Workflows & Support

  • Fixed Fee Documentation review of credit policies and legal T&C’s

  • Custom credit risk reports for top customers (10 Customers)

  • Access to a dedicated account manager

  • 24-hour access to self-service client portal

  • Delinquent Debt Recovery – Up to £10k included. £10k – £50k 10% if invoice is 0-60 days 15% if over 60 days. £50k+ 7.5% if invoice is 0-60 days, 12.5% if 60+ days