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If your restaurant is struggling, we can help​

Let’s talk about your options

Covid’s aftermath and the recession have hammered the hospitality sector, especially restaurants. If you are struggling to keep your head above water, now is the perfect time to get some advice about what you can do.
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Some questions for you:

  • Are you struggling to pay your bills?
  • Are your debts getting higher & higher?
  • Is it difficult to get credit from suppliers?
  • Are you worried that the festive season won’t be as good as normal?
  • Do you wonder how you’re going to pay your staff?

If you have said yes to any of these, let’s talk very soon.  You have options, whether you wish to simply close down, or to restructure and re-start the restaurant.

The sooner you talk to someone, the sooner you can take the right steps for you and for your business.

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Imagine being able to restart your restaurant without your current debt burden…